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Mobile Content Production Platform

Optima’s WAP/Mobile Browser solutions are built around a sophisticated mobile content production platform. The platform is based on a patented technology enabling it to outperform conventional WAP sites and incorporates many man-years of mobile content production technology – specifically in device recognition and content production.

The platform is designed to be accessible by mass market mobile users using standard mobiles whether on black and white or colour screens. It will run on WAP 1 (WML 1.x) and WAP 2 (WML 2.x/ XHTML Mobile Profile) compatible phones as well as working on Microsoft smart phone browsers and even I-Mode handsets. Benefits of the system are:

  • Optimised User Interface: Content is automatically optimised to the user’s device so that there is as much consistency over presentation as possible, irrespective of the type of mobile phone used.
  • Rapid page download: All screens have been designed specifically to maximise the user experience through rapid page load times and limiting the need to scroll pages. In addition image sizes are reduced to suit the specific mobile phone accessing them so that image load times are minimized.
  • Call direct from the application: Useful functionality such as click through advertising and being able to click and call a call centre directly from the site.

Optima’s experience means that they can produce high quality mobile services that are sure to work on any mobile device – and which make the whole user experience more compelling due to high quality design and rapid delivery of content.